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8-bit Hip Hop Medley


8-bit Hip Hop Medley

Ever wondered what Hip Hop would have sounded like if it were used as the soundtrack to a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) video game?

Me neither, but damn this is cool! Basically what some of Jay-Z, Kanye, T.I. and some other rappers beats would have sounded like on a video game in the 80's. Classic.

Now I'm waiting on some new-school rapper to flip the script (did I really just use that term?) and start sampling some old-school video game music.

It's not like it hasn't been done before.

There's Benefit's joint Warp To World 6-9 which uses the classic Super Mario Bros. sample.

Smif-n-Wessun (then Cocoa Brovaz) also flipped the Mario sample for Super Brooklyn. Ill shit.

Sampling Mario Bros. is almost too easy though. How about Extended F@mm's Line Drop, where they borrow the famous Tetris music and use it to great effect on the concept track. In the game, the music speeds up after dropping (and clearing) a number of lines. In the track, the beat/sample speeds up after each punchline dropped by the crew. Ridiculous.

Can I get a Jigga joint over some Metroid music?

How about a little Nas on a banging Ninja Gaiden (aka Shadow Warriors) beat?

Make it happen. Please.

Oh and if anyone is after MP3's of any of the tracks I linked, get at me via comments and I'll hook you up.