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Model Feature: Eboni Sade


Model Feature: Eboni Sade

This week I am proud to present the beautiful Ms. Eboni Sade coming reppin Jersey City, NJ like no other. Luckily, I was able to catch with Ms. Sade during one of her rare free moments. I will tell you this don't be shocked if see Ms. Sade on television and also in some of your favorite magazines.

Check the interview below.

DJ Grain: What's your name? Eboni: My name is Eboni Sade.

DJ Grain: Where are you from? Eboni: I am originally from Jersey City, NJ. But I spend time between NJ, NY, and DC.

DJ Grain: How many years have you been modeling? Eboni: I've been modeling for approximately 2 1/2 years now.

DJ Grain: What are the misconceptions people commonly have about models that are untrue? Eboni: One of the misconceptions people commonly have about models is probably that we are not people. Models are human, we deal with insecurities, triumphs and setbacks like anyone else; heartbreak included.

DJ Grain: What shows, videos, magazines, etc. have you been featured in? Eboni: Most recent, I am in the Spring 2010 Harley Davidson Catalog. I've also done Beeing Clothing catalog, Hype Hair, HIV Awareness Print Ad, Jazmine Sullivan's "I Need U Bad" video and was a featured model at the Make-Up Show NYC 2008 for Big Girl Cosmetics.

DJ Grain: What photographers have you worked with? Some of the photographers that I've worked with include Jerris Madison, Dallas J. Logan, Itaysha Jordan, and E. Hinn Eboni: What photographers would you like to work with? I've always wanted to work with Bruce Talbot, Maya Guez, and Matthew Jordan Smith.

DJ Grain: Can you describe the grind of a model trying to break into the industry? Eboni: It is a continuous, never-ending grind. It consists of constantly updating your portfolio and promoting yourself. It involves being told "No" and coming back a few months later, bigger and better. As with anything, breaking into the modeling industry involves progression and perfecting your craft.

DJ Grain: Any words for the ladies out there that have aspirations of entering the modeling industry? Eboni: Research. Know Your Market. Stay Aware... Research the industry; especially those looking for agency representation. Know your market; are you a commercial, high fashion, or glamour model? And Stay Aware; be mindful that there are scams and scam artists out there. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

DJ Grain: How can people contact you for booking? Eboni: