As an artist, if you want to win, you can't stay stagnant; while you may have a sound or style that truly represents your art, you need to move with the times while staying true to yourself.

This is something Cee has taken very seriously of late. While he traditionally has made soulful, conscious Boom Bap Hip Hop, he's been experimenting with newer sounds via his most recent videos "Meta", "...And You Know It Is" and "Ramadan".

The second track in his 2017 monthly series is "Separate Ways", both featuring and produced by his brother Notion. It's a return to their historical sound - a driving soulful head nodder, drenched in their signature honesty, passion and genuine aspiration for achievement. With a hook loosely inspired by Nirvana, the boys break down how they're moving away from any negative energy while truly embracing and manifesting their inevitable success.

Stream "Separate Ways" on SoundCloud, and keep an eye out for it on all major digital retailers very soon.

"Separate Ways" was mixed and mastered by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada.

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