Cee built a career on riding industry beats. Back when Mixtape Weezy was the King, it was all about who could jump on the hottest beat first and tear it up. But times change. These days, it's all about who can make the most fire original music.

So when Cee first heard Tyga's summer anthem "Taste", he kinda had no choice but to go in. With bars like:

"Gimme 6 seconds like an old Vine / I'ma show you music with a soul can be so fire..."

Cee is spazzin' with an aggressive, relentless flow full of multis, similes, metaphors and savagery that can only get you amped for his forthcoming full-length projects.

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"Taste (Freestyle)" was mixed and mastered by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada.

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