The Australian readers will be familiar with Matthew Colwell, aka 360, from his eclectic mixtape appearances, his esteemed battle career and his work with Pez as Forthwrite.

So dude dropped his debut album, 'What You See Is What You Get', a couple years back, and he's about to hit us with his sophomore effort 'Falling And Flying'. This time around, though, he's not only backed by label Soulmate Records but by major EMI, so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes.

Check out the first single, 'Take Off (Sky Is Falling)'. The entire album is produced by Styalz Fuego, and the sound is hella varied from what I'm told. This joint is on that electro vibe, and I dig it. Listened a couple times, finding it a bit hard to get into but after a few more listens I have a feeling it'll click. I don't see any other artists in Australia being this forward thinking in the Hip Hop scene, so I'm keen on checking out the LP. Get it up ya.