Before I even get started on my rant, check the video below of Havoc from Mobb Deep's thoughts on rappers getting their first break in their 30's.

Alright. Coming from Havoc, a respected MC/producer who dropped his first album at 16 (with Prodigy, Mobb Deep's 'Juvenile Hell'), this is an interesting point. Who the fuck says that the point of view of a 16 year old is more valid than that of a 30 year old?

Let me put this in perspective. I'm now 29, and I've been rapping since I was 15, but only taking it seriously since I was like 23 or 24, and really seriously since maybe 27. Now, if I had have had a 'break' when I was 23, I know for a fact that there is NO WAY that my music back then would be anywhere near as solid as it is now.

I've learned so much over the past few years that I finally feel I'm ready to deliver a solid product that is worth people investing their time and money into. But my worldly (or not so worldly) point of view as a 23 year old, according to Havoc, is more valuable than the me of today?

That argument makes no fucking sense. So yes, fuck you Havoc. Just because shit hasn't come together for someone by the time they're 30 - whether they're an MC or in a band - doesn't mean that they should automatically kill their dreams. That's insane. It's nothing short of ageism, which is one of the most ridiculous biases in the modern era, as it puts the youth on a pedestal over experience and wisdom.

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts on this, folks...

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