We back on that Canadian Hip Hop shit again...where else? So this time around, we linked up with the homie TaylorMade, representing Toronto (Scarborough in particular, so dude is speakin' to us). Made has a bit of a rep in his 'hood as a dude who speaks for the locals; I remember my boy Scott telling me about Made while Bekah and I were living in Scarborough, and quoting me his raps coz dudes there related (the one that comes to mind is 'Liquor store looking like a parade on Friday' off Made's 2004 shit). That's real to me, and that's why I reached out and connected with the homie.

We caught up with Made to talk about his third and latest mixtape, 'Hustler's Wit', Canadian Hip Hop and what's next with the man. I'ma let my dude speak on it...


Cee: What up, Taylor? How's things fam?
Taylor Made: Things are good homie. Jus' out in the T-Dot tryna do my thing.

Cee: Aight, you've recently dropped your latest mixtape, 'Hustler's Wit'. Tell the people about this joint.
Taylor Made: 'Hustler’s Wit' is for people of all demographics and different walks of life. I tried to balance the project by not only addressing street issues but life issues. I try to touch on feelings that everybody has been through at some point. After playing the CD in its entirety, each and everybody has to have heard something they can identify with. I’m happy with that.

Cee: How has the response been so far to the mixtape?
Taylor Made: The feedback has been positive. My peers respect my skills too which is also a plus. It’s the people who enjoy my music that keep me going in this cut throat business.

Cee: This is your third mixtape, right? How do you feel you've grown over your releases?
Taylor Made: I feel I’ve grown by different experiences I’ve been through during the timespan of the 3 projects. The fast life, drivin' luxury vehicles, the hustler’s paranoia, loyalty, betrayal, love, beautiful women, triumph, pain. I went through all that and that’s what fuels the music I make. The more I gained experiences the more I gained newer perspectives which translated into new songs.

Cee: Are you planning to work on a full length album any time soon?
Taylor Made: A real album is looking very likely. I usually do mixtapes rapping on industry beats just for practice and to stay sharp, but I think its time to give the people something completely TaylorMade. But I do wanna expand my brand considerably before releasing an LP.

Cee: Who have you been working with lately, as far as producers and MCs?
Taylor Made: Jinx Beatz outta Hamilton gave me a couple joints for this project. I also worked with Set2 who’s another great artist outta Toronto. I usually do my own thing because I’m tryna pay my dues and put in my work on my own first. I called couple producers for some beats but they ain't holla back. Politics as usual. It is what it is, I just keep working.


Cee: Have you been doing any shows lately?
Taylor Made: I got some things I’m linin' up, stay tuned for dat.

Cee: Do you think the Canadian scene has had a lot more shine on it since cats like Drake and Kardinal blew up?
Taylor Made: I think the Canadian scene is bigger than its ever been. People are watchin' so let’s give em something to see. There’s a lotta hate in the city but as far as I’m concerned doors got opened so there’s no time for non-sense, just walk through.

Cee: What's next for you?
Taylor Made: Whats next for me, I got a daughter coming into the world shortly so I’m gonna be getting some barf on my shirt for a while and will be watching alotta Treehouse. In a while though be prepared to see me bring that lyrical, witty, smart ass rap to the microphone again.

Cee: Hit the people with your contact details and where they can get the mixtape!
Taylor Made: My contacts are:


I can be emailed at TaylorrMade@msn.com (with two r’s). Most of the mixtape tracks can be found on the YouTube page. Big up to The Movement Family for bringing the real Hip Hop to Australia and abroad. Big up all my supporters, I’m nothing without you. Shout out Kitty Kat my angel investor. Signin' out. TaylorMade. L.O.T. Records.