So this is how dedicated The Movement Fam are to bringing y'all the exclusive. After checking out the Phrase gig and witnessing the above performance in person, I rushed home to upload the footage, not realising that an 750mb+ file takes damn near 3 hours to upload. So I set it up, bounced to the TQ gig (which of course didn't happen) and came back to find the Mac sleeping and the video upload cut off at 95%. Goddamnit. So myself and Theory set it up again and at 5.21am, we have it.

Shouts to Snob Scrilla for doing this for the dude. Show was cool, the popcorn thing was fresh, heads seemed to know what was going on.

Remember that this is the ONLY live footage of the first Bangs gig EVER on the internet and The Movement Fam gave it to y'all first!! Boom!