Keeping things varied as always on The Movement Fam Blog, I stumbled upon this release from MC/Producer Blueprint recently on the web. Posing at first as short 27 minute EP of instrumental B-sides...It proved much more than that.

First a little background on Blueprint, he is the founder and owner of Weightless Recordings and is also signed to Rhymesayers Entertainment. He is one half of the group Soul Position with producer RJD2, and a member of the rap group Greenhouse Effect. He is also a skilled freestyler and came in second place in the Scribble Jam 2000 freestyle competition.

So now to Sign Language, where Blueprint melds some delightful downtempo drums coupled with eclectic jazz & soul samples, guitar riffs, classical piano keys, mexican horns, and everything else under the sun of vinyl!

Look out for his knack for picking a good vocal sample throughout this release. Best highlighted on track 2: 'Time Management Rebuild' where he lays down a beautiful Middle Eastern or possibly Asian female vocal to perfection.

If you appreciate the beauty of a well crafted instrumental with a little more to it than a 9th Wonder beat, or feeling like a bit of change up from the lack of quality new Hip Hop releases in 09 so far, then definitely download this.

DOWNLOAD Blueprint :: Sign Language