Cee & Bekah - The Soul Movement Volume 3: The Final Chapter

So it's here. Finally. Over a year's worth of work has culminated in Cee & Bekah's third and final mixtape (before venturing into EP's, albums and wherever else their musical journey takes them), 'The Soul Movement Volume 3: The Final Chapter'.

After working with the biggest names in Australia on their last mixtapes, there was nowhere left to go but the USA. Cee & Bekah linked up with Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, respected American DJs who have produced, mixed and hosted official mixtapes for the likes of Kanye West, Little Brother, Skyzoo and Idle Warship (Talib Kweli, Res, Graph Nobel), and critically acclaimed mash up mixtapes with Adele and Jay-Z/Coldplay.

This is our first release since being signed to Miami, FL based blogger Kevin Nottingham's label, HiPNOTT Records, so this is a very exciting time for The Movement Fam.

'The Soul Movement Volume 3: The Final Chapter' is a landmark release for Australian 'urban' artists (a term Cee & Bekah don't like to use, as they coined their own genre, 'Soul Hop'), as no other artist in this genre has even attempted a mixtape of this scope, let alone made it happen.

Download the mixtape for FREE from Cee & Bekah's Bandcamp page, and grab a copy of Volume 1 and 2 if you haven't already.

The Movement is here!

Cee & Bekah - The Soul Movement Volume 3: The Final Chapter