For perhaps the last time ever, what up? Nah, it's prolly not the last time. But still. Since tomorrow is the 'end of the world' according to popular belief and media brainwashing, I felt it would be appropriate to drop one last song before it all goes to hell. In January, I promised to release one tune each month for 2012; I managed to do just that, cutting it mighty fine sometimes but I got there lol. I figured it'd be fitting to drop an older song that was never released and was recently brought back to life...

"What better way to wrap up 2012 (the world might even end tomorrow, who knows?) than to drop an original track for y'all? This song was originally written and recorded in 2007 for my boy's compilation album. It kinda kicked around since then; I tried to finish it a few times, it just never worked. Until now. Weapon X is prolly my favourite MC out of Australia, and one of my biggest inspirations, so it was a blessing to work with dude. Stoked that it came out how it did. Enjoy." Free Download: Cee - My Dreams x Weapon X (Produced by Mack Sitty)

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Cee - My Dreams x Weapon X (Produced by Mack Sitty)

I gotta shout out my brother Notion for mixing, mastering and engineering all my projects this year; Josh Telfer for doing all my art for everything I've ever released as a solo artist; and my girlfriend and partner in winning Tiffany for constantly supporting and helping me do this. It's been a crazy year; I've dropped 12 songs, three solo mixtapes and been on bunch of features. Good times. Here's a few of the cuts I was involved in; you can grab all my solo music from too.

And today I plan to drink beer #1000 for my BeerAndOtherShit blog. If you haven't peeped it already, head over and check out the journey.

Thank you to everyone for all the support this year. It truly means a lot, especially as this was my first full 365 as a solo artist. Have a safe and messy holidays, y'all! Bless.

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