Aight, so a nice lil bit of controversy for ya.

Check the above video for 'Talkin' 2 Myself' from Cinque, with Kobe on the hook. Sound familiar? A certain Mr Mathers used the exact same beat and hook for his most recent album, 'Recovery' (my fave song on the album). How did this happen? I have zero concrete facts, but as we all know, YouTube comments might as well be bond, so check the details...

"No money was ever asked from Cinque for the track, so that is not an issue. A batch of beats were sent to Cinque from Khalil through a mutual friend (No ID) as a favor and Cinque happened to use the track w/ no intention of marketing it or making profit from it, just to further build an online presence and work on a project. Yes Eminem paid for the rights, but that still does nothing to disprove Mr.Mathers used a recycled track that has been floating around for almost 2 yrs, lame."

"in Cinque's defense, he did not steal. The producer (Khalil) provided the track to Cinque himself a full year in advance through mutual connects in the industry. It would be the producer's and label's fault for not fact checking and looking into the record which was out on Youtube since April 5th, 2009."

"Everybody that knows nothing about the industry and how shit works, shut your cock holsters cause you're looking real stupid rite now!!! As far as legally, what can a lawyer prove about this situation except the facts that are already known? Cinque aquired the beat 1yr to 1 1/2yrs ago thru some of the peeps he knows in the industry, recorded a song and then shot a video!!! One year or so later, the same instrumental was sold to Eminem!!! How is that Cinques fault? Everybody S.T.F.U."