Notion - Daily Domi-NoTiOn produced by Isjberg

The homie outta Denmark, Isjberg, is crazy on the boards. And after hearing Notion's acapella's for the Kevin Nottingham Remix competition, dude decided to do his own remix project, by combining Notion's vocals with samples from Gangstarr's classic 'Daily Operation' album to create 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'.

Download 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'

Check out Isjberg's blog post on 'Daily Domi-NoTiOn'

And here's the tracklisting while we're at it:

  1. Introduction [Daily Operation]
  2. My Mic [Flip the Script]
  3. Enter My World [Soliloquy of Chaos]
  4. My Crew [I'm the Man]
  5. 25-8-366 [24 7 365]
  6. We So Fly [No Shame in My Game]
  7. It’s Nuffin [2 Deep]
  8. Set me Free [Conspiracy]
  9. Cold Steel [Illest Brother]
  10. Push Pedal [Hardcore Composer]
  11. Talkin Shit [BYS]
  12. The New Wave [Take Two and Pass]