Now that I got that over with, let me explain it.

The site broadcasts concerts and DJ performances LIVE from around the world.

Covers all styles of music but rest assured Hip Hop is well represented. You can list events by musical genre as well as venue list (bar, club, concert venue, etc.).

I just found out about this place but signed up as soon as I saw that they will be streaming a live Pete Rock set from Stockholm, Sweden tomorrow. Are you serious? Cancelling my plans as we speak.

Took me one minute to register. Currently streaming some "eclectic" music from a record store in Canada to test it out. Amazing.

In 5 hours I'll get my first taste of Hip Hop live from Bed Supperclub in Bangkok, Thailand.

Get to it. Audio quality is surprisingly great and I haven't had a single hiccup in the 10-15 minutes I've been listening.