D-R-A-K-E, thats... Him!

As seen on our dude DJ Hyphen's blog, "The Audacity of Dope" www.theaudacityofdope.com, I had to share this 'coz the peoples need to know!!

Watch as T. Dot representative, "Drizzy" Drake don't even sing the hook/s to his mixtape joint smash hit, “Best I Ever Had” in this short clip.. like he has to!! The ladies are goin' bananas and screaming the lyrics throughout, and after Drake's trip to New York City last week, it seems as though he's going to blow the hell up sooner than later for the mainstream world of music. Damn.. lets hope he stays as dope, PLEASE!!

But wait! There's more....

I cannot wait for his album, gon' be super fresh.