First up, this is The Movement's 600th post. Pretty decent achievement for a blog that's run predominantly by a bunch of cats who work 9 to 5 and are trying to build a music career in every other spare minute. And I believe we did this in less than a year, too. So big shouts to all the contributors to the site, thanks to our regular visitors, and we're looking to build and expand in 2010 so stick with us! Oh and you may have noticed the FanBridge email sign up to your right - we're starting a regular e-newsletter so sign up to stay up to date with what the Fam are up to!

And now down to it looks like we on Emilio's jock but really, dude is just sick and keeps giving us shit to talk about. Peep the video for his latest single off 'The Natural' mixtape, 'Tic Toc', which features Melbourne's own DVS.