Eternia Returns to Toronto from on Vimeo.

Extremely glad we here for this right now. WHAT UP, E? Peep the info after the jump...

"You know that face you got, when a real gritty, rugged track came on and you just mean-mugged to the rhythm of the track? Like, you were feeling it, but you were feeling the rapper’s disgust for whatever it may be. Well, Eternia, one of hip hop’s elite female lyricists, can and will make any listener do that. Why? Because she’s mean on the mic, fierce with her poetry, and relentless with her assault.

Always representing Toronto to the fullest extent, E has enjoyed quite the successful year as herself and MoSS (producer) finally released their much anticipated album At Last on the legendary Fat Beats Records. The album has a variety of features ranging from Rah Digga, Rage (Lady of Rage), Jessica Kaya, Tona, Maestro, Joell Ortiz,Termanology, Reef The Lost Cauze, as well as Tiye Pheonix, Jean Grae and Ras Kass on remixes.

Not jaded by the critical acclaim and fan satisfaction, E stays real with it, “I do one thing, and one thing only, and that is emcee. That’s it.” And that she does well. Always on the cusp of being undoubtedly one of Toronto’s finest, Eternia has definitely garnered plenty of attention in her other hometown, New York. A scene where the underground is big, if not bigger, than the mainstream facet, Eternia knows the importance of showing T Dot talent to the world. “People weren’t watching Toronto until recently,” E says with Manifesto TV, “Our artists are different.” While Manifesto attempts to bridge the two hip hop communities of New York and Toronto together, Eternia is living proof that it is accomplishable. Catch her at the Manifesto Main Event, September 26th, 2010 at Dundas Square in Downtown Toronto."