I was having a Twitter debate the other day about old school rappers and new school rappers dissing each other. I'm kinda of the opinion that it's fine (if you've got a proper reason) as that's just the nature of an emcee: bragging; battling; brawling.

I just don't like it when new school rappers (or fans) don't have respect for the greats. Even if they're wack now (or were always wack) you still gotta give them a certain level of respect, right?

Case in point: Eazy-E. He didn't write his own rhymes. He could hardly spit them. Go back and listen to Straight Outta Compton and try telling me with a straight face that Eazy could flow...

Regardless, we all loved his shit.

This video is from an appearance on Arsenio during the whole 'beefing with Dre' thing. It's beautiful viewing.

"Watch me gamble for paradise, and if I gotta pay the price... easy come, easy go like Eric Wright" - Ras Kass on If/Then