Toronto stand up! Peep the info below about new Toronto super group Freedom Writers...

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Recent World Wide events are capturing the attention of press and populous alike from the Haitian earthquake to Nicolas Sarkozy’s far right immigration policies in France all the way over to local Toronto politics where newly elected mayor Rob Ford is proposing unachievable tax cuts at the risk of eliminating social programming.

With all of this information at hand, what is the action plan of the everyday citizen? From projects to suburbs there needs to be a rallying cry that encompasses all of the raw emotion, debate and solutions that are so hard to interconnect. Music is that bridge!

With the first buzz song release WAKE UP mixed by Canada’s top Hip Hop engineer Michael ‘Blaow’ Plante, high powered Toronto Hip Hop collective FREEDOM WRITERS chart a path of action through art with a scathing take on local and International politics which will mobilize any free thinking Hip Hop aficionado, young and old. Consisting of local lights and Canadian stand outs Frankie Payne, Tona, Theo3, Adam Bomb, Mathematik, Progress and producer Big Sproxx, The FREEDOM WRITERS have accumulated a sizzling buzz that threatens to turn inferno in the coming months.

Look out for new songs dropping in the near future, cop the t-shirts, join the e mail list, spread the songs around to blogs, DJ’s and fans of boundary free Hip Hop music. Play it loud!