The homies at Gno brand are back. Y'all might remember these cats from January this year when the brand was launched; their unique designs got a fair bit of attention. Well, I just got work of a fresh batch of new designs, so of course we gots to spread the word! Peep:

Animal Farm

Animal Farm: "Animal Farm" is a novel by George Orwell about the Bolshevik revolutionaries that addresses not only the corruption of the revolution by its leaders but also how wickedness, ignorance, and greed can destroy any possibility of a Utopia. Throughout the novel the idea is stated that no matter how equal a society begins, the smarter, richer, or more powerful will eventually rise to the top. The rules of Animal Farm are changed many times throughout the story, each time better benefiting the leaders, until finally one rule replaces all: All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others.

Spit Out

Spit Out: This design was inspired by Danger Doom's "Sofa King" off The Mouse and the Mask which was in turn inspired by Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. The design speaks for itself! This shirt is dope and if anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to repeat after me, "I am...Sofa King...We Todd Ed".

Grey Matter (Ladies)

Grey Matter (Ladies): Due to popular demand, our successful "Grey Matter" design is now on baby doll tees! This design was influenced by Deltron 3030's "A Brymar College Course". Deltron 3030 is a favorite here at Gno and a tribute had to be paid to such a classic. The message is to "get creative" by means of upgrading the most powerful computer known to man - the brain. On the back, the text reads "Cause One Day It May Matter".

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