Social media enthusiasts may well be familiar with www.MissCoca.com, a relatively new marketing, fashion, pop culture, lifestyle, beauty and social media blog that is really making some waves on the interwebs.

So Lauren Ridgway, the founder of www.MissCoca.com, kindly contacted me to make me the May interviewee for 'Stars in the Blogosphere', which was the first interview I'd ever done that wasn't exclusively about music; it was more Craig than Cee. And it was really refreshing, and fun, to put more of me out there than my music persona.

So check out the interview, and while you're there, take a squizz around the blog. Folks in Melbourne and Sydney will love the weekly JobOps post, which is getting crazy hits.

On behalf of TheMovementFam.com, and of course myself, I'd like to warmly thank Lauren for the great interview and kind words. Check it out, folks!