J. Period and K'Naan - The Messengers EP

Caught this over at Smoking Section. K'Naan has gotta be one of my favourite artists now; my man Dave out in Toronto BEEN telling me about dude but I fronted, til I heard 'Soobax'. Anyway, check the info below, dude did a free EP, peep...

"I could note how long I slept on K’Naan, his album Troubadour and the rest of his deep catalog. Then, I could speak on how he pretty much stole the entire show when I saw him at Rock The Bells as an opening act, amidst half of my favorite rappers. Following up by harping on how excited I got upon reading the details to the Somalian-turnt-Canuck’s new digital EP, The Messengers, and finding out he was not only doing an ode to one Bob Marley, but another as well.

Or, I could just cut the bullshit and say, here’s one extremely talented musician doing tributes to a few others.


That sounds better."

Download J. Period and K'Naan - The Messengers EP