Justice & Kaos - The Pre-Season Mixtape

The homies Justice & Kaos are back for the first time since their debut EP, Turn It On, a couple years ago. This time the fellas have come with a brand new mixtape with only one feature - that's right, only one feature verse (from label-mate GMC) - and a real dope, interesting beat selection. They even ran with the whole 'White Men Can't Jump' theme, in the artwork and the audio samples from the movie throughout the tracks.

The boys have definitely stepped up, both lyrically and content-wise, and it's great to hear them rock shit on their own. It's actually dope to hear any artist bring some fresh product without relying on feature verses, so big ups for that bold move. The beat selection ranges from rocking over tunes from John Legend, OutKast, Little Brother, Michael Jackson, Scribe and original production from Kaos (Justice's ridiculously dope solo joint 'I'm A Star').

Definitely a fresh mixtape and I've already given this one a few rotations, and I'm finna bump this for a while. Big ups, boys!

Download Justice & Kaos - The Pre-Season Mixtape