This is almost old news already, not just because it happened on MTV and has been all over various media but because its Kanye - "the only player that got robbed but kept all his jewellery". I'm surprised anyone even cares, to be honest. The man has carefully crafted a reputation for throwing tantrums at award shows.

Most awards are already irrelevant anyway, but the VMAs have got to be somewhere near the bottom of the list. Who gives a toss? I'd say that Kanye needs to realise these award shows are nothing more than a back-slapping public relations exercise, but I think he probably gets that. After all, why else would a teenage girl who likely had nothing to do with artistic direction of a music video be accepting the award for it? If it wasn't clear before, I'm pretty sure the man is knowingly highjacking a farcical PR event and taking all the attention for himself. Then again, maybe he is just an impulsive idiot.

Kanye already apologised for the interruption on