Kanye West - 808s & Heartbreak

So, I copped the leaked version of 'Ye's new album the other day, and straight up, I've had it on repeat for the last couple days. This is one addictive album. I've read a lot of posts about how folks love it, and probably more about how folks hate it. I think it's something that dude needed to get out of his system, and he'll be back to the regular Kanye we all know and love for 'Good Ass Job' (if he kept that title).

Can't wait to cop the retail version on Monday (or is it Tuesday?). Will report back then. But I don't think I'll stop loving this joint. I so wanna try the vocoder lol. Just once, at least. Anyone got the plug in for Pro Tools on Mac?

Oh click on the image (by some cat called KAWS, I just liked it) and check out Kanye's blog. Always an interesting read.