Beat It

That's what's up. The Movement Fam's own DJ Grain has put together his first solo mix...peep game...

"June 25, 2009 was a sad day for a lot of us. Michael Jackson had passed at the age of 50, just two months shy of his birthday. There were a ton of tributes going around for the King of Pop and everywhere you went, you heard Michael Jackson music playing in the street, in the clubs, or in the car next to you at the stop light.

To help ease the pain suffered from members here on the site, we held a beat contest. Producers came from everywhere to sample their favorite MJ song and to help pay tribute.

Today we celebrate the birth of Michael Jackson; he would have been 51. Out of the hundreds of beats that were submitted, we narrowed it down to the best 25. Then I let me man DJ Grain go to town, mix them and put his spin on it. Grab the mix after the cut. As a bonus, I’ve included a download of all the winning beats, unmixed."

  1. Ain’t No Sunshine, Maria [prod by Cehashi]
  2. Brought Back Ben [prod by Isbjerg]
  3. Earth Song [prod by M. Will]
  4. Got To Be There [prod by T.A.T.E.]
  5. Human Nature [prod by M. Will]
  6. I’m Glad It Rained [prod by Lakim]
  7. In The Closet [prod by Hotbox]
  8. Lady In My Life [prod by M. Will]
  9. Maria [prod by Dkelloway]
  10. Never Say Goodbye [prod by Iceman Beats]
  11. One Day In Your Life [prod by Phurcat]
  12. She’s Out Of My Life [prod by Fun-Kee J.]
  13. With A Child’s Heart [prod by Stevie Shorey]
  14. Baby Be Mine [prod by Jon Baylor]
  15. Can’t Help It [prod by Mass Appeal]
  16. Caribbean Girl [prod by Bidimridim]
  17. Dear Michael [prod by Young K]
  18. Beat Matrixx – Euphoria
  19. Give It Up [prod by G.C.]
  20. I Want You Back [prod by DJ ReMike]
  21. Lookin Through The Windows [prod by S.2]
  22. Ready Or Not (Here I Come) [prod by Mastam!nd]
  23. Rockin Robin [prod by Rodloos]
  24. Take Me Back [prod by Glitch]
  25. I Am Love [prod by Clarkwork]

Download Presents…Beat It: A Musical Tribute to Michael Jackson [Mixed by DJ Grain]