Nobody Famous feat Wax - Mary

Man, HiPNOTT seriously do not quit. I'm on the label and I'm surprised at how much shit is happening for such a young company. Love it. The homie Nobody Famous is at it again, peep the official details below but we got some more free shit for ya...

Thanks for your continued support for Nobody Famous... today we are unleashing the third single from the album Order Up! Vol 3 in our Digi 12" format. Cover is attached and details are below:

Released a little over a month ago, Order Up! Volume 3: Chicken and Waffles has proved to be a favorite among the fans. Thank you to those who have supported the album thus far. With this album, Nobody Famous has shown that he can tackle virtually every genre of urban music, as his production style varies from one track to the next. Today we are releasing (free to the public), the third promotional single from the album, “Mary” featuring L.A. emcee Wax. This is the second track Nobody Famous and Wax have paired up for; the first being last year’s “Famous’ Laboratory.”

If you remember back in February of this year, an early version of “Mary” was leaked during our promotional campaign for Order Up! Volume 3. That version used a sample-based instrumental, produced by Nobody Famous. The subject of Wax’s lyrics were so powerful and the delivery was so emotional, that Nobody Famous felt compelled to go back to the studio and recompose the beat from scratch. The result is this sample-free epic composition that made it onto Order Up! Vol 3.

“Mary” is an amazing song with an incredible story and a beat that builds and builds with every bar. Grab the Digi 12″ below and if you still have not checked out Order Up! Volume 3, download your copy now!

1. Mary [Album Version]
2. Mary [Instrumental]
3. Mary [Acapella]
4. Keep It Movin’ (Live w/ Pinot Funk) [Bonus B-Side]

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