Nobody Famous

Aight, you know we gots to post on this one. Big ups to our label mate Nobody Famous for yet another banger. Peep the info after the jump.

*HiPNOTT Records* is proud to announce the first album we will be releasing on the new label -- *Order Up! Vol 3: Chicken & Waffles* from *Nobody Famous*. Tentatively scheduled for a July release, the album is the third from Nobody Famous' *Order Up!* series. The new album prominently displays Fam's diversity as both a producer and emcee and will surely grab everyone's attention.

Look out for the first single, "Don't Act Like I Never Told You", dropping
at the end of the month, accompanied by an amazing video. For now, take a
listen to a bonus cut off the album, the remix to *"Mocha Soul"*, featuring
*Convinced*, *H.O.P.E*, *Lite*, and *El Prez*. You can catch the original
version of the song on last year's *Order Up! Vol 2: Biscuits & Gravy*.