I'm quite impatiently waiting for Notorious to finally drop locally. Seven more days. Apparently it's due for release in Australia next Thursday, 12 March.

To help you compare, it dropped on 16 January 2009 in the USA. That's two months. Granted, the release delay is a lot shorter than for a lot of movies in the past, but it's still not good enough. You'd think the movie studios would wanna hit everywhere in the world at once. Especially with all the piracy around these days and the ease at which people can find and download a high quality copy of most movies.

Why does it take big films like Watchmen, which released around the world today, for there to be a simultaneous worldwide release? From Belgium's opening on the 4th of March through to Japan's opening of 28 March. Less than a month is a beautiful timeframe. Less than a month is something I can handle.

What makes it worse is that Fox Home Entertainment have just released pics of the DVD and Blu-Ray covers for Notorious. Like I need to be drooling any more than I already am.

Something tells me I will one day own that "Collector's Edition" Blu-Ray. Not that I think the movie is gonna be outstanding, but it'll probably end up being one of those Hip Hop movies you bust out every now and then.

Anybody out there seen Notorious yet? Drop a comment and let us know what you thought.