Things ain't always what they seem - and that goes double for the music business.

It may have appeared that Notion has been treading quietly since his debut EP "Pride On My Cufflinks" dropped, but the truth is quite the contrary. Between his engineering and production work with artists across the globe via Illnote Studios (including Jonathan Emile's #1 Added Hip Hop album on the CMJ Charts, "The Lover/Fighter Document LP" and Cee's #6 in Canada/#8 in Australia iTunes charting debut album "This Is All I Know"), loosies ("Vaxxine", album teasers "Holdin' Hands" and "Out The Basement") and feature verses ("Brainstorm", "Yeah" and "Little Sweetness" to name a few), he's been hard at work on his debut LP "Heart On My Sleeve Music", which is all but wrapped up.

To hold the people over until the album drops, Notion returns with a heavy hitting brand new single "Infected". Produced by Saskatchewan's Rayne Drop, the haunting vocal sample, eerie keys and tough drums provide the soundscape as Notion rains bars for almost 3 minutes straight. One of the few remaining true lyricists, the MC let's the people know where he's been at and what's to come:

"I show love, so we talking 'bout the latter / it's mind over matter, MC over rapper, Notion"

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"Infected" was mixed and mastered by Notion at Illnote Studios, Toronto, Canada.

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