Aight, so this is some shit right here.

Rozay isn't the greatest artist. Yeah he's got some cool shit, but as an MC he's nothing special. That said, I don't really get all the hype leading up to his latest LP, 'Teflon Don', but this leak caught my attention, both for the title and the feature artist.

As much as Jay is slippin' these days, I HAD to hear what he had to say on a joint titled 'Free Mason', particularly after all the talk online about Jay's inclinations towards being part of the Illuminati (something I'm yet to make up my mind on). Oh and John Legend makes a DOPE cameo too.

I actually really like Jay's verse here. He addresses the rumours briefly here ('Bitch I said that I'm amazing, not a mason'), but I think I need to hear it a few more times. What y'all think?