Two years ago today, Cee and Dr. MaD released their debut collaborative EP 'Steps To The Peak'. Alaiz x The Movement Fam. This was the first proper EP either artist had dropped; Cee had given us a bunch of mixtapes and some loosies as a solo artist in the past few years, while MaD had dropped a ton of singles and digital-only EPs.

Cee had just moved to Montreal from Toronto, and this project was his first major step into the scene in MTL; so to put together an EP that was totally inspired by the city, both sonically and lyrically, was his way of showing respect to his new home.

MaD and Cee met via the internet back in 2009 through mutual friends, so they already had a connection before they linked in person. A three track project turned into an eight track EP, ending up with 11 joints on the iTunes Deluxe Edition that was released on the one year anniversary.

The response was amazing. The project hit #1 on the CJLO AM charts in MTL (twice), charted across Canada on college radio, and got a bunch of press. MaD's smooth, soulful production meshed perfectly with Cee's autobiographical, introspective rhymes to create a truly unique soundscape. The EP even spawned three music videos: 'When The Chips Are Down', 'Another Day' ft. Notion & Nox, and 'Another Day (Fresh Kils Nice Afternoon Remix)'.

Grab it on iTunes (Deluxe Edition) or Bandcamp (Digital or Physical CD).

<a href="http://ceetmf.bandcamp.com/album/steps-to-the-peak">Steps To The Peak by Cee & Dr. MaD</a>