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We international, baby!


We international, baby!

This one's for all our brethren north of the Equator, in the USA and Canada.

As of October, we now have both 'The Soul Movement Volume 2' and 'World Domi-NoTiOn' mixtapes available in selected cities in both Canada and the USA! The prices range from something like $5 to $10, depending on the store, but check the list below for your nearest spot:

Soul of Sisa - 504 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Soul Of Sisa, Atlanta, GA

B-Side Records - 2128 Dwight Way, Berkeley, California, USA

B-Side Records, Berkeley, CA

Da Corner - 256A Queen St W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (in the Black Market complex)

Da Corner, Toronto, ON

So if you're in any of these cities and wanna get your hands on a rare hard copy of the new projects (we only pressed a small amount for the international trip), roll through and cop 'em now!

For the folks Down Under (and everywhere else), we'll be pressing up a gang of copies of both mixtapes asap (plus a launch show), so we'll keep y'all posted.