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Get A Tour Up Ya! - Cee + Notion headline regional Ontario tour


Get A Tour Up Ya! - Cee + Notion headline regional Ontario tour

After being the supporting act on their last four tours - to Canadian legends and American veterans, no less - the aptly titled 'Get A Tour Up Ya!' sees the expat Aussies finally cement themselves as viable names for the top of the marquee. We partnered with Toronto's Digital Junkie, a mash up DJ and all around top bloke (who you may remember from our Port Hope Jazz Festival headline set last summer), to bring an amped, fun yet laid back vibe to the stage with none of the typical attitude that can come with Hip Hop tours. We chose regional Ontario for this tour as the major cities are so spoiled for choice - why not show some love to the towns who show so much love to us?


FlamesYall - PromNight ft Cee x Worgie Beats x Daryl S. Tattoo (Official Video)


FlamesYall - PromNight ft Cee x Worgie Beats x Daryl S. Tattoo (Official Video)

It's actually a funny story. FlamesYall asked Cee to write a song for his upcoming sex-themed EP. Cee somehow managed to mis-read the email with the instructions and wrote the song that became 'PromNight', clearly off-topic. Instead of scrapping it and writing a new track, the two decided to release the tune as a single via Soundcloud. When Cee linked with Montreal-based videographer Richard Bastarache, they shot the video for the joint on location at Parc La Fontaine in the 514, and the rest is history.


Artist Feature: iDJ Photography


Artist Feature: iDJ Photography

Through our Artist Features section, we've covered MCs, DJs, producers, models, designers...and now photographers. Darren Johnson, a young photographer from London, caught our eye and he was good enough to answer some questions while on vacation in Jamaica.

Cee: Hey Darren, what's good man? I know you're out in Jamaica right now, so peace for chatting to us on your vacay.

Darren: No problem at all!

Cee: First up, break down your journey in photography for the people.

Darren: I was at a crossroads in my life around 2007, wondering what to do career-wise (which I'm sure most people have the same dilemma once in a while). It then hit me that since I was little I have studied photos either from family, friends or even complete strangers personal collections.

I then nervously enrolled into a course, which luckily was very close by, in film photography, which taught me the basics in the darkroom.

Once I finished the course, I decided to purchase a camera and ever since then a camera never leaves my sight. I'm always looking out for potential photographic opportunities, at the same time building a reputation, brand and business.


Cee: What's the meaning behind the name iDJ Photography?

Darren: The meaning behind the name iDJ is: i: Eye (being the obvious tool I use in my line of work), D: Darren and J: Johnson.

Cee: Do you have a mentor? Did you take a course? Or are you self-taught? Or a combination?

Darren: I don't really have a mentor other than the my teacher from the course I took in 2007. Ever since then I have been learning as I go along, reasearching etc.


Cee: You're based outta London (England, not Ontario for those in Canada). How's the market out there? Is there a lot of competition? What makes you different from the thousands of other photographers?

Darren: London is very saturated with photographers. Being a photographer in London is a challenge but at the same time London is quite possibly the best place to photograph. In terms of what makes me different from the rest? I'm not sure, I don't really focus on other photographers with their marketing, etc. I just aim to produce my best work, good value for money and a quick turn around for my clients. This has worked for me so far which has reflected on the glowing references I recieve.

Cee: Out of all the various styles and subjects that you do, what's your favourite to work with?

Darren: My favourite 'shots' are the ones where I could be watching TV or walking to the store and an idea pops in my head and I run with it. I call this my "misc" album, which you can see on my website or Facebook. I do genuinely enjoy all styles of photography, I still get that buzz no matter what/who I photograph.

London School of Modelling

Cee: What would be your main inspiration as a photographer?

Darren: My inspiration was my trip to Jamaica in 2008! I just bought my first SLR before flying out to Jamaica and fell in love with photography, which was aided with being in such a beautiful country.

Cee: What made you pick up a camera to express your creative side, as opposed to say a paintbrush or a guitar?

Darren: I honestly don't know the answer that one. I believe life gives you opportunities, and I just simply took this one.


Cee: If you could have any other talent, what would it be?

Darren: It would 100% be a professional football (soccer) player. Football is a big passion for me, I try and watch as much as I can no matter where I am.

Cee: What's next once you get back from JA?

Darren: Same as before I left, keep pushing the business a much as I can. Working hard on images, ideas, marketing, networking, delivery, etc.


Cee: Let the people know where they can find you!

Darren: Website: Facebook:

Cee: Thanks for your time cuz!

Darren: Thank you!

“Low Tide”


Tokyo's Movie Reviews: SNATCH


Tokyo's Movie Reviews: SNATCH


There are certain things I miss about England. Sausage rolls, Notting Hill carnival, Walking around London, the clubs etc. One of the things I miss the most is the people. Not the snooty rude muthafuckas, but the normal working class, everyday people. It was such a diverse mix of individuals that it was crazy. The ravers, cool kids, hip hop heads, football hooligans, pub crawlers, smart kids, FLY chicks (a fit bird with British accent is still the biggest turn on for me), West Indians, Pakistani’s etc It was a fucking crazy melting pot of Neighborhoods and little worlds within itself. When I was over there I would get so caught up in life that I would never sightsee. Running the streets at night with my cousins was fun, dangerous and ALWAYS interesting. The spots and lives there were breeding grounds for crazy stories.

I said all that to say this. Those same people I spoke about were dramatized perfectly for this movie. Guy Ritchie dug up the best of England’s worst and polished them up for the screen in this movie. Although the story spans 3 different countries. The heart of the story is in merry old England. The characters in the story are memorable as hell. I cant say the word “Bonjour” without picturing Bullet tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) slamming some dues head in the car door while some 80’s pop plays in the background. Sol, Brick top, Mickey (man this was the moment I realized the Brad Pitt was a fucking ILL actor) and of course Turkish (Jason Statham). All the characters, apart from their various personality quirks, stuck out for one strong reason: DIALOGUE. Man listen, Everybody in this movie was coming out their face in style. Few movies have had me laughing my ass off as much as this. If you’re a rapper, this is a flick your gonna love cause it makes you wanna step your pen game up. Trust me. The “Desert Eagle POINT five o” speech alone is worth the price of admission.

The other part of the equation is the sequencing. The way certain things are hidden from plain sight adds another layer of humor to the scenes they are used for. Scenes also cut in and out in ways that when pieced together play like a classic episode of “Seinfeld”. The technique of one character setting off a chain of events that affect everybody in the film is used to perfection here (when you see the milk scene you’ll know what I mean). Guy Ritchie really pieced together a well though out gem. Stuff like the “I’m coming to London” section had me like “DAMN!!! Dude wasn’t playing”. I feel it was Tarantino influenced in certain bits but what the hell Tarantino himself was influenced by others so it’s just the natural cycle of creation. Guy Ritchie really put his stamp on this movie and consolidated his own crime flick sub genre style. Previously seen on his other masterpiece, “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.

Even if anyone say’s that the movie didn’t “innovate” the gangster genre, you cant tell me it’s not entertaining. This is one of those movies I’ve watched dozens of times and it never get’s old. Seriously. A couple of months back they showed this “Snatch” every other day on cable. I always caught it when ever I saw it was on. It’s like “The Infamous” by Mobb Deep. You pop it in wanting to hear like 2 songs but you always wind up listening to the whole thing. Truly a classic.

So now, tell me one thing...”Do you know what "nemesis" means?”