Bloggers, what it do? Mac geeks, what's crackin? i-Phone, i-Pod Touch rockers... LISTEN UP!!!

I stumbled across this site on the lovely Google after a mate told me how to crack or "JailBreak" my i-Phone.. ahem.

Now, everyone that has an i-Phone or i-Pod Touch can make links on their Home Screen for their favourite pages on the web.


I found something REALLY sick for our regular visitors, and new comers to the blog can use, so they can keep in touch with us on the run, anytime, from their i-Phone's! I made a nice 'lil logo for yall to add too :) Aawww...

Go here & watch the video:

Then and ADD this .png file to it below, so it looks all pretty for yall!
(looks like this)

Any issues,