So on Saturday just gone, The Movement Fam finally had our first official gig as a crew, and the first gig of 2009. Boom. Although it was billed as a Cee & Bekah gig, the whole crew was in effect for the whole show, which was dope for the stage dynamics.

Big shouts to Cam at Blue Tile Lounge for reaching out and putting us on. We took the early time slot as we haven't rocked a gig since The Evelyn gig back in May 2008 (peep The Movement Fam YouTube page for the video).

Cee & Bekah @ Blue Tile Lounge

The gig went real well though. Shouts to everyone who rolled through, we had a decent little crowd for the 9pm slot. The whole thing was filmed so we'll work out a way to get the highlights on YouTube shortly. Stay tuned for more shows in 2009...