Peace + Light y'all,

First up - Happy New Year, Fam! We hope you all had a blessed one.

It ain't a new year without some new music from TMF, right? And why not kick it off with something completely out of the ordinary for us - trap! Our lane has always been straight up soulful, raw, organic, honest Hip Hop, however a couple opportunities came up over the last little while that allowed us to try something different, and we figured 'Why not?' And we didn't just give you one joint - to celebrate the arrival 2015, we're dropping two completely different cuts to show the world that TMF can come correct on whatever beat you throw us on.

The homie J-Lah is a producer/DJ/fashion designer out of Toronto, and he laced us with the soundscape that became 'Wrecked'. A haunting sample kicks off the club-oriented, 808-drenched cut, with tongue-in-cheek tales of intoxication courtesy of Cee and Notion. And for those familiar with internet hilarity, the cover art is a variation of the Really Stoned Guy meme - it's definitely not an old pic of either of the boys...

Quebec representative JPolo hit us with the more soulful production of the two joints; 'Still The Kid' is a slow groove sample-based cut that sees Cee and Notion on their usual TMF ish - double time flows over the eerie synths allow the kids to flex a little, all the while letting y'all know where they came from.

Stream 'Wrecked' and 'Still The Kid' via SoundCloud - and if you're feeling what you're hearing, we very much appreciate any social or blog shares!

Check out more music and visuals:

Cee | YouTube

Notion | YouTube

We hope y'all enjoy the new music and visuals, folks. Once again, any sharing via social media or any of your channels is extremely appreciated. We're 100% independent with no financial or major label support, so we depend on the love of the people to get our music out.

For bookings, interviews, production and enquiries, please contact Cee.

Thank you to everyone for all the support. It truly means a lot. Bless.

Much love,

The Movement Fam.