Welcome to The Movement Fam.com!

The Movement Fam

Well, it's finally here. 'Bout damn time.

So, seeing as blogs are the way to go these days, we were all like 'fuck a website. Blogs, son.' And here it is.

Oh, for those who ain't already know, The Movement Fam is a Soul/Hip Hop collective predominantly from Melbourne, Australia. We are Cee & Bekah, a Soul Hop duo; Notion, MC/producer/engineer; Tommy Gunnz, MC/lawyer; and DJ Grain, disc jockey and The Movement Fam US Representative.

The Movement Fam with DJ Grain in Atlanta

So on our blog, you'll find all the info on The Fam; shows, downloads, articles, updates, news, all of that. Currently, that info has been rolling through www.ceeandbekah.com, which will now be exclusively info on Cee & Bekah and their thoughts.

You'll also see more than just shit about us. Coz if it was, that'd be hella boring. So we'll bring you the funniest shit we find, random observations, YouTube clips, models, cool shit and basically anything we reckon the people will dig.

So stay tuned, check back regularly coz this lil bitch is finna be updated on the daily (well, it better be).

Much love,

The Movement Fam.

PS. Shouts to the kid Jermiside for lacing us with the layout, and KidEight for the design! Much love, homies!