So this weekend was pretty damn hectic for The Fam. We did our first show in over a year - yeah, I know. Fucked up, right? We much preferred to stay in the studio and work on the 10+ projects we have going, however we realised just how overdue we were coz damn near every other day people kept asking when they could catch us live. So the homie Adam King from You 'n UR Music hit us up to rock at their single launch and it was a wrap!

The show was incredible. I haven't seen the Evelyn that packed in ages, and I was genuinely surprised and grateful for the love we were shown. I think it showed in our performance, as we're all a lot more confident of our music, so even though we were a tad rusty with our stage game, it didn't really seem that way.

So, the homegirl Bianca videoed the gig for us fantastically, and I'ma post a couple videos each day for the rest of the week. Check out the vids below, with the intro, Notion's 'Enter My World' and Cee & Bekah's 'Save Myself' with Tommy Gunnz. Go!