The big homie Tokyo Cigar done did it again. This dude is a fucking beast, straight up. I have never met anybody in the industry as prolific as Mr Cigar, and with every project, I'm more and more impressed with what I hear. Dude is a musician, the shit is mad tech.

So this latest project is called 'The Fab 5', and it's a musical dedication to five blogs (all of them happen to be awesome sites in their own right, and ran by some real supportive dudes), including The Movement The five sites recommended -, WakeYourDaughterUp,, and us - are musically represented with tracks that somehow totally nail the overall vibe of the site. Our track features some audio from Bekah and I in a YouTube video over a crazy soul banger.

Seriously, this shit is crazy. I just had a hash cookie so I'm struggling right now, but cop this.