Opinions.  They haunt. They hover. They nag. But they always  fail to account the power of personal taste. One man’s floor is another man’s ceiling fan and all that. That never stops them damn opinions from being heard. At the store, at the gym, and of course the Mecca of all things opinionated,  the Net.   Wherever packs of human beings gather they essentially trade in information and opinions.  Information such as: The Punisher War Zone sucked. Now I understand that the person who saw it meant well by giving me their opinion about that movie, but I actually thought the polar opposite. I loved it. Please allow me to give you my opinion why.

The visuals were stunning.  Fuck it. Dazzling, even. The splashes of color onscreen set the mood of certain scenes perfectly. The gore, though gratuitous, perfectly complements the essence of the Punisher as a character. Widely known, though not as loved as other characters such as Spider man ( for obvious reasons. I mean come on, Spidey is a fucking icon for a reason) the Punisher was essentially a blood thirsty vigilante at heart and this film is my favorite portrayal of the character. Lighter on the emotional content than the previous film adaptation of the Marvel comics character. It packs more punch and endearingly inappropriate humor too. People get stabbed, shot to molecules, decapitated, thrown off buildings, hell, people were getting killed in ways I never even comprehended possible. Cats were getting they whole shit twist left and right throughout this flick. The violence in this piece is thicker than stale syrup. 

The plot is not overly complex but it has so many cool references to the Punisher MAX series written by Garth Ennis (such as one of the character being named Ink) that diehard fans will be foaming at the mouth when they come across them.  Shit, I know I was. I liked the villain being Jigsaw this time around. I gotta be honest though, the moment he gets turned into Jigsaw is the only part of the movie that still gives me a shaky feeling in my nuts ( That’s hit would SUCK to go through, trust me ). The “Illest cat in the flick” awards goes to Jigsaws brother. Dude is Crazy in a way that makes other crazy people nervous. The second I heard him talk about “Liver and applesauce” I was like “This is the sort of guy I would NEVER hang out with” Dude was OUT OF HIS FUCKING MIND. I can’t type enough caps to put it into perspective for you. The cast was cool and did they thing to move the story along nicely ( BTW Julie Benz is so Hot it makes my head hurt )

So, there’s my opinion. Should you care? Whatever.   Just know that someone else gave you their opinion about it and said it was good. But you know what you could do? See it for yourself and judge. But I warn you it’s graphic. If your sensitive to that kind of stuff you may wanna sit this one out. If you’re a diehard Punisher fan ( especially the MAX version ) that likes the portrayal of the character in an ultrarealistic but highly stylized way, This is the one.