Big ups to the homie K-Real for linking me on this one.

It's a tad old, from like April last year, but this is classic.

A blog by the name of Honolulu Hip Hop put together this dope list of the Top 50 Worst Hip Hop Album Covers Of All Time. Absolutely hilarious - sometimes you tend to overlook the wackest album covers, but this brings all that to light.

Here's a classic quote from the piece:

"Master P has wrought more terrible album artwork for hip hop culture upon us than anyone else. Master P sets the bar so low that one could only aspire to create such art by smoking rock while using Paint Shop on a salvaged Packard Bell."

The Ghostface cover, below, won the Gayness Award for these reasons:

"At first glance, this album doesn’t seem to fit in with the horror that is the Top 50 Worst Hip Hop Album Covers of all time. But then you look further, and you notice Ghost is wearing a robe which is coming undone while he serves Raekwon breakfast. Is that a pancake? And please…really LOOK at Raekwon’s face (and what I believe may be a wad of cash in his hands). Big ups to our homie KnowXOne for hooking us up with this one. Bulletproof Wallets receives our Gayness Award."

Ghostface Killah - Bulletproof Wallets

Click on the Ghost pic or the link above to check it out.