Trav Williams - IllTravis

You know I had to re-post this one.

Following from The Movement Fam remix competition, the homies Trav Williams and Kevin Nottingham got their Trav Williams/Illmatic remix joint crackin', something which Elzhi recently 'bit' lol. So it's all finished and ready for download, and it's a banger!

Peep the links and info after the jump.

"OK, so I caused a bit of a stir last week with that Trav Williams vs. Elzhi
post, but it's all good. IllTravis is officially ready for release.

Download Trav Williams - IllTravis

Check the original post on Kevin

Over the course of 10 weeks, producers from all across the globe came
together to help create a vision... a vision to recreate a classic; to pay
homage to *Nas*' 1994 debut album *Illmatic*. *Trav Williams* came to me with this idea in the fall of 2008. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to hold a beat contest on the site and get everyone involved. As one of the five judges, I can say that picking the beats wasn't easy, but in the end I
think we all gave Trav some great material to work with. Trav quickly went into the studio and here you have... *IllTravis*.

From Trav:
Before anything and above all I got to thank all the winning producers for
thier hard work and effort and all the producers that submitted for even
trying, you are appreciated. G.C., S.2, DJ Qvali, Tokyo Cigar, JLH,
Digivillanous, EvolveAudio & Natown Legend
, you are respected.

Now...let me say this; this project ain't about "blowing up" off *Illmatic*; this project ain't about who don't like it; this project ain't about controversy; this project, just like all my shit, ain't about money; this project is something that I been wanting to do since my *Illmatic* tape popped on the school bus on a hot ass day many Mays ago. Realistically, I got a bucket list and this was on it. So I did it and before I grow up too much I hope to check a few more things off the list.

Needless to say, I hope y'all dig it. But I make music for people that want
to hear what I want to hear, so if you don't dig it, then you ain't one of
them people. But if you dig it, dig it; good look.


1. The Exodus
2. Meditation [prod by G.C.]
3. Life's The Shit (feat. Pee Duble) [prod by Tokyo Cigar]
4. Mechanics [prod by G.C.]
5. Quarterlife Crisis [prod by Digivillainous]
6. Claustrophobia [prod by JLH]
7. Light it Up [prod by EvolveAudio]
8. Dedicated [prod by DJ Qvali]
9. Bootleg Cable [prod by S.2]
10. Super Ill [prod by S.2]
11. BONUS - Walk Wit Me [prod by Skidmatik]
12. BONUS - Something New [prod by 20 Keys]
13. BONUS - Zoom [prod by Keenan]
14. BONUS - Victory Lap [prod by Keenan]
15. BONUS - Clockwork [prod by G.C.]
16. BONUS - You Gets Done (feat. Pee Duble)
17. BONUS - Nobody Knows Me (feat. K Hill) [prod by Keenan]

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