Tweet, anyone?

Aight, I'd heard of Twitter for the longest time, but never really bothered with it 'til I discovered the Barack Obama tweet. So I signed up and didn't mess with it for weeks...until yesterday.

For those who ain't know, Twitter is like the Facebook status updates...without everything else. And as shit as that sounds, it's actually really dope. And fun. And addictive. And everyone's doing it. Which, of course, is reason enough to join up.

So my man put me onto this thing called Twitterrific, which is like an MSN type program that sits on your desktop and allows you to see all the conversations between folks that you're 'following' and post directly to everyone without using the web app. Shouts to Ash for the link!

Check out the YouTube video explaining Twitterrific

Download Twitterrific

Y'all can follow The Movement Fam on Twitter, too:

DJ Grain

Tweet on...