So the ladies are finna be jealous and the guys are gonna feel for me.

Check the above trailer. Lucky me got to see this fucking film twice in the space of a week. Yup.

It's late night Friday and I thought I'd share my pain. I work for a film distributor and got to check out the flick last week at a work screening, part of the job. All good. Then I got offered premiere tickets. So I took it due to the jealousy factor from broads, plus the free piss.

However, my boss and Ryan from YouTube took us out at 4pm for beers at Bridie O'Reilley's and got me fucking smashed before hitting the premiere, which was awesome, but then I damn near fell asleep. It was worse the second time around.

Anyway, I'm home, I'm drunk as hell still, and tired as shit. And this is about as interesting as I'ma get right now. Night folks.

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