I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but since I got into this rock/indie shit heavy, it's uber wicked coz I have no pretensions or prejudices about the artist or the music. So when I first put 30 Seconds To Mars on the iPod in the gym, I lost my SHIT. Their 'A Beautiful Lie' album blew my mind. And although I didn't enjoy their last two albums as much, they're still dope. Then dudes bagged em for the singer, Jared Leto, who apparently is an actor and the blonde dude who gets murked in Fight Club. But fuck 'em.

These are my two fave joints; 'Valhalla' is by far my fave 30 Seconds joint, and it's just a b-side for some stupid reason, while the title track off their debut is heatrocks. Can't wait to see 'em live. Enjoy.


A Beautiful Lie