I'm ALL about this dude right now (pause). After being put onto City & Colour earlier this year, I'd been a casual fan. My interest grew after discovering that Canadian Dallas Green, who essentially is City & Colour (based off his name - Dallas, City. Green, Colour. Genius), is also the singer for hardcore group Alexisonfire.

I found that even though I'm currently in possession of more music than I can cope with, I kept going back to City & Colour; the warm, heartfelt and often dark songs just resonated with me. Then this weekend I learned a bunch of the songs on guitar and now I'm officially obsessed. I even ordered a tshirt from their website.

Anyway, check the videos for two of my favourite City & Colour songs. The first is 'Coming Home', from his debut 'Somtimes', and the second is 'Sleeping Sickness' from the 'Bring Me Your Love' album. Enjoy.