I prolly need a late pass on these cats. My boy Kyle put me onto em the other day, and although I haven't heard anything aside from these two cuts, I'm intrigued. So OFWGKTA stands for...actually, just read the Wiki:

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, often abbreviated OFWGKTA, are a hip hop collective out of Los Angeles, California. The members are Tyler the Creator, Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain, The Super 3, Syd tha Kyd, Jasper Loc and Taco Bennett. Their ages range from 16 to 23. There are two groups inside the collective: MellowHype and EarlWolf. MellowHype consists of rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, and EarlWolf consists of Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt. Odd Future has released three mixtapes and seven solo albums, all available for free on their website. They have garnered a cult following, and have been getting press from blogs as well as magazines. Though often labeled as horrorcore, the group have universally dismissed it both on Twitter, and on songs like "Sandwitches" by Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats.

The group recently completed a two-stop tour, their first outside of Los Angeles in London on November 5 and New York City on November 8. The concert at The Drop in London sold out within 48 hours of announcement by the group. At the highly anticipated show at Webster Hall, the venue was packed to its 300 people maximum capacity. In the crowd were artists such as Mos Def, Das Racist, Skyzoo, and Despot. They will be embarking on their first visits to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and San Francisco during a brief tour in February with stops at U Street Music Hall in Washington, Santos Party House in New York, The Barbary in Philadelphia, and Slim's in San Francisco.

So there ya go. Just watch the videos. More on the OFWGKTA YouTube channel.