I've ashamedly fronted on a lot of Aussie rock bands for years. One particular band being Something For Kate. Sure, I'd heard the name in the last decade or so but never paid attention. That was until we bumped into SFK's singer/songwriter Paul Dempsey in the elevator at CMJ in New York City a month or so ago. He took the time to chat to us, and we managed to catch him live twice while we were in town, and last weekend here in Toronto at the Drake. His solo album, 'Everything Is True', is fucking brilliant, to say the least. The main singles and videos from the album have the damn embed code disabled (from Paul's official page), so here are my two favourite songs from Paul anyway - 'Safety In Numbness' live in NYC, and new song 'We'll Never Work In This Town Again'. There's also a great video of Paul being interviewed in Melbourne about his songwriting process. Dude's a genius, straight up.