OK, so I woke up this morning and my house mate shouts out "Dude, check this out!" So I watch the clip and I was kinda weirded out, the news channel decided to get an eye witness account of a shooting that had just apparently happened in Sydney's Kings Cross area.

OK so this place has thousands of tourists flocking to it every day, it has a night life that's notorious and yet in an effort to shock the general public, and most likely get the most yardage out of this news clip, they ask for the account of the events from shitfaced people in the area. The story is news worthy but I think the station will most likely receive a negative response from a few local ethnic communities for a few things, mostly I think it would've been from the message it conveys.

Young little Aussie girls do bad impressions of the ethnics. Is she describing Islander types for her use of the word 'bro' and 'hey?' Or does she refer to the ethnicities who claim the word 'wog'? I'm sure if this was America, the word may have begun with a 'N' and depending on who you hang out with, could have an A or R sound at the end. Despite all of that noise she keeps its real, and so do the others for that matter, with another dude recognising the gun as a 'Glock-9'.

I'm sure he would 'cause peeps in Kings Cross is gully like that, gnomsaying... I love it when realness, booze, guns, news, and ethnicities combines.. for me it's chaos in synergy.

Two clips here, peeps. I think Channel 9 should've used the second one.